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Fair to our Farmers

Plus 1 Euro to our Farmers per Case of Beer

For decades Neumarkter Lammsbräu has been ecologically engaged and has been a pioneer in the brewing of organic beer. The extra cost of regional organic products is used almost 100% for the payment of employee salaries. More jobs, increased product safety and better product quality only have a chance in Germany as long as consumers are willing to pay this additional cost.

Information Regarding the "Fair to our Farmers" Initiative

Positive Effects

A thesis initiated by us at the University of Augsburg has demonstrated an alarming lack of consumer knowledge regarding the true value of regional and organic food and beverages.

However, at the same time it has been made clear with the example of beer, that the decision of consumers for foods and beverages from organic farms and craft production has enormously positive effects on employment opportunities in Germany. The additional price of regional organic products is used almost 100% for the payment of employee salaries. 

More employment opportunities, increased product safety, and better product quality only have a chance in Germany if the consumers are willing to pay this additional co

Future for Agriculture

Our farmers are often disparaged as the recipients of government subsidies. However, it is often forgotten that our farmers are responsible for healthy foods and beverages and are thus one of the most important professional groups in our society.

For over 25 years Neumarkter Lammsbräu has been supporting organic farming and each year contributes over € 500,000 in additional income to the organic agriculture sector through its purchase of raw materials.

Thereby Lammsbräu is able to help secure four-times more agricultural employment positions than comparable conventional breweries. This is a sustainable support for the future of family-operated agriculture businesses. We call that being fair to our farme

Future for the Country

"The cheaper, the better" has apparently become the new life motto in Germany.
We say, on the contrary: "Cheapness destroys us." 

The shift of customers to beer brands that are offered at absurdly cheap prices has cost the German brewery industry almost 10,000 jobs. 

We are of the opinion that high-quality regional organic products are worth their price. These products do not only result in numerous regional jobs and training positions, but each case of organic beer helps to protect approximately 7 square meters of land and to protect our potable water resources by refraining from the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. This gives our land sustainable opportunities for the future.&nb



Future for Quality

Studies have shown that our traditional brewing techniques with 100% organic raw materials and an organic brewing water at mineral water quality results in better beer. 

We brew our beer in accordance with our eco-friendly purity requirements, i.e., with natural umbel hops instead of extract, without stabilizing agents, and guaranteed to be free of genetically-engineered ingredients.

The result is more vitamins, more minerals, more vital antioxidants, and more vitality in the beers of Neumarkter Lammsbräu. This is why we call our beer organic!&nb

Future for Transparency

Because we are one of the last German breweries that operates its own malt house, we purchase our grain pellets primarily directly from our farmers. 

Additionally, in 1988 we founded a producers’ association of Bioland and Naturland farmers for organic grains and organic hops. Thereby we are able to say exactly for each bottle of beer that leaves our brewery, on which field it was grown. 

No other brewery in Germany has the ability to retrace back to the fields and guarantee complete product safety. Our organic spent grains and residual yeast is sent back to organic farmers as a valuable feed for their livesto

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